Cheap Insulation Corrugated Roof In Ho Chi Minh City

section of PU insulaton corrugared roof

Cheap insulation corrugated roof in Ho Chi Minh City

Today, insulation materials are widely sold in the market. Especially in the South with fierce sunshine, hot all year. Therefore, cheap insulation corrugated roof in Ho Chi Minh City is suitable for all houses as well as all civil works.

PU insulation corrugated
PU insulation corrugated

Which type of cheap insulation corrugated roof is the best to be used?

Insulating glass wool
Insulating glass wool

Depending on the nature of each corrugated, we choose the type of insulation corrugated roof to suit the regional climate and suit the budget. In the type of insulation corrugated, the type of PU insulation is the best type today. Because the PU corrugated sheet is designed by a very effective insulating polyurethane layer.
Insulation, soundproof very well
The temperature difference is about 32 degrees Celsius above and below the corrugated iron sheet
Easy to install
High aesthetic
Energy saving

OPP insulation corrugated
OPP insulation corrugated

In addition, there are other types such as insulating foam sheet insulation and insulation of foam insulation, these two types are commonly called insulating OPP. This type of corrugated sheet is not as good as PU insulation corrugated, because its insulation is PE-OPP foam. Insulation foam has good insulation and soundproof performance,  but PU is better. Although the thickness of the foam can be up to 30mm, it cannot be compared with 18mm PU layer.
However, the advantage of OPP insulation corrugated is cheaper than PU and can be constructed at the constructions. And PU insulation corrugated must be produced at the factory.
Therefore, it is recommended to use the low-cost corrugated roof for your house or building to avoid the harsh heat. Especially sunshine in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces.

PE-OPP insulation corrugated
PE-OPP insulation corrugated

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