Price Quote The Insulation Corrugated Roof

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Learn how to price quotes the insulation corrugated roof

With the fast trend of development and also to integrate with industry 4.0. Therefore, the construction industry, it is constantly developing to meet the demand of contractors and investors. And when you need to do a construction project, need roofing for factories, villas, big or small, we often find out the price quote the insulation corrugated roof. Thus, with the following article, we will advise you to choose the type of roof at a suitable price.

section of PU insulaton corrugared roof
section of PU insulation corrugated roof

Provide information to receive corrugated insulation corrugated roof price quotes in an exact way.

Nowadays, there are many types of insulation corrugated roof, 3-wave insulation, 5-wave insulation, and even 9-wave corrugated roof. However, the 9-wave roof is very rare in the market today.
Therefore, you need to provide the following information to the business unit to being contacted about insulation roof in the correct and fast
– Choose the type of corrugated roof: PU corrugated roof or insulating foam OPP
– Select Zem type: (need to quote the price of insulation steel PU 4.5 or 5 Zem for example)
– Choose the color of insulation steel:
In terms of color, there is a variety of colors, usually using some colors such as deep red, magenta, turquoise, blue and brown, etc.
– Select the corrugated roof companies: There are a number of common companies such as Hoa Sen, Dong A, Phuong Nam, and Bluecorp, etc.
– Length of insulated corrugated roof: eg 10 or 15 m (length of steel sheet will be related to construction level and transport price)
– The quantity of corrugated PU or corrugated OPP need to buy

PU insulation corrugated roof
PU insulation corrugated roof

Form of receiving the quotation of insulation roof

We will provide you with quotation information upon request.
Usually notify via email, phone, and some popular social networks such as:
– Send the quotation file of insulation corrugated roof via Zalo, Viber
– Send via Skyper
– Send via Facebook
Depending on your means and usage, we will provide the most accurate and quick insulation corrugated quotation. With the development trend of 4.0 technology, so social media also helps us to connect faster.

PE-OPP insulation corrugated
PE-OPP insulation corrugated

The strength of PU insulation corrugated roof

About art is very beautiful, can be used for decoration
Corrugated sheet is usually electrostatic and has high waves up to 30cm to help prevent water spills.
The PU layer is poured under a thick corrugated sheet with very effective heat-insulating effect.
Save electricity costs. This is one of the advantages of cheap insulation corrugated
Durability up to 50 years
Protect your house warm in winter and cool in summer
Reducing the temperature significantly: the difference is about 35 degrees compared to the temperature on the corrugated sheet

shipping insulation corrugated roof
shipping insulation corrugated roof

Are our EPS insulation corrugated roofs good for factories?

Today, contractors believe in using corrugated products with EPS insulation for their projects. With the corrugated sheet-sponge-corrugated structure and variety thickness and rich form.
Type 50 cm
Type 75 cm
Type 100 cm
Type 150 cm
With the advantage of being super light and able to insulated very well. So EPS insulation corrugated sheet being used very popularly at constructions
Besides, there is also an EPS insulation panel product which is manufactured in the flat form to make panel walls, insulation panel ceiling. And especially used in the construction of Cleanroom for pharmaceutical, medical, operating room.
And it is also an appropriate product to build the freezer cold storage for seafood.

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