PU Fireproof Corrugated metal roof 75mm thickness

PU anti-fire corrugated roof

What are the effects of Polyurethane (PU) Fireproof Corrugated metal roof 75mm thickness?

Nowadays, in the Southern regions of Vietnam, with fierce sunshine and many noises around. To reduce the heat, noise and especially enhances the fire resistance, units and organizations often use fireproof PU corrugated metal roof with a thickness of 75mm or also called PU insulation.

PU insulation corrugated
PU insulation corrugated

What are the advantages of PU Fireproof Corrugated metal roof?

Equipped with a 75mm thick PU layer (the thickest in Vietnam)
The best and most effective anti-leak and heat insulation
PU Fireproof Corrugated metal roofs are highly fire-resistant with top is metal and bottom are PU layers covered to prevent fire. Increases fire resistance by up to 150 minutes at 300 ° C and at the same time increases hardness twice as much as normal. The corrugated metal roof is the best in anti-leak and anti-spill with the upper face has 3 waves and 45mm height.
PU material (with thicknesses of 25, 50 and 75 mm) imported from European countries to ensure high fireproof insulation coefficient.
The corrugated metal roof often uses the brand Bluescope (Top quality in Vietnam as well as International).
Antimicrobial ability and anti-dust up to 99.99%
Level plated as to galvanic corrosion resistance is from 50g / m2 – 200g / m2.
The warranty period is 30 years

section of PU insulation corrugated roof
section of PU insulation corrugated roof

Application of PU Fireproof Corrugated metal roof

Specialized in building walls, ceilings, roofing for high-tech factory buildings:
– Installed in factories, airports, seaports, railway stations, thermal power plants, cold storage, freezing tunnels;
– Installed in the pharmaceutical factories; factories producing vaccines and veterinary drugs;
– Installing the food processing factory;
– Installed in electronic assembly plants;
– Installed in textile, leather and footwear industries;
– Installed in dormitories, schools, hospitals, resorts;
– Environmental friendliness and non-toxic

PU anti-fire corrugated roof
PU anti-fire corrugated roof

One of the special elements and also the strength of PU Fireproof Corrugated metal roof is environmentally friendly. Besides that, PU also adapts and meet coastal areas with high salinity and oxidation. Because the corrugated roof is equipped with the electrostatic coating with very high resistance to oxygen.

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